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Fell On Black Days
Fell on Black Days are a highly dedicated, Metal Band from Ebbw Vale, South Wales, UK, who create a sound, with bone crushing riffs and pounding beats, that is both dominant and anthemic. The aim is to deliver our music with the genuine intent and true passion that demands and deserves attention. The songs are the sound of pain, regret and disappointment, all performed with hope and exhilaration.

Signed to Brutal Elite Records, FoBD recorded their Debut Album 'Talion' at Philia Studios with Nick Hemingway (ISOR) at the Helm.

FoBD have had the pleasure of sharing the Stage with great bands such as ONSLAUGHT, BEHOLDER, TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED, PANIC CELL, ANTERIOR, SACRED MOTHER TONGUE, TED MAUL, THE DEFILED, REVOKER, WARLORD UK, plus many more upcoming Bands.

E.P. Reviews

“Pitching their sound somewhere between dark, aggravated metal-core and good, old-fashioned moshpit anthems, the quintet has much to offer; there mud thick guitar riffs as well as solos, proper singing as well as guttural howls, and a convincing amount of malcontent and scorn. 3/5 K's”
Mark Griffiths - Kerrang

“There is some fairly meaty bass and coarse vocals that are allowed to bully their way through the hammer-down chugging, giving us a whole mouthful of Hatebreed to chomp on,
all delivered at a breakneck Megadeth speed and loaded with a Pantera heartbeat at its core.”
John Skibeat - Metal Team UK

"With hints of Pantera and Mastodon poking its head in during the course of the EP I would highly recommend Fell on Black Days for any fans of the Thrashier side of metal. ”
Altsounds.com - Altsounds

Live Reviews

Truly solid playing drives these songs along with irresistible energy and unstoppable kinesis. It’s time to get sweaty. Get drunk, but not so drunk you miss the details, because these songs are full of tasty licks and well considered fills. Great stuff.”
Oli - http://www.liveunsigned.com

“Again the highlight is the musical ability of the band and the more than capable ways that they set out to be definitively thrash in their metal attitude. It is clear that Fell On Black Days are true believers in the mosh pit and that they to make their live gigs a collection of rampantly head-banging cyclones. ”
Darren Douglas - www.live-music-scene.co.uk
Fell On Black Days
VocalsGavin Robinson
GuitarMatt Hall
GuitarMark Tranter
BassGlenn Newbrook
DrumsShaun Hodson
-KERRANG 3/5 K's (ISSUE 1322 July 24, 'ALBUM/E.P. REVIEWS' - PAGE 52)
-Terrorizer (ISSUE 199 AUG, 'Choice Cuts' - PAGE 18)
Past Tour Dates
11/05/2012Bogiez, Cardiff, Wales, UKSeven Deadly, Counterhold
01/06/2012EVI, Ebbw Vale, Wales, UKRevoker, Lifer, Dead City
16/06/2012The Masons, Llanelli, Wales, UKBlack Tamanous, The Dirty South
28/06/2012Hog & Hosper, Pontypool, Wales, UKDiamond Head, Counterhold
07/07/2012SLUGFEST 5 @ The RAILWAY, Abertillery, Wales, UKSLUGFEST 5
14/07/2012Severn Bridge Club, Chepstow, Wales, UKMutator, Rebel Lust, Deathbullet, Monolith, Thankless Task
28/07/2012200 Club, Newport, Wales, UKWarlord UK, Annular
19/08/2012Le Pub, Newport, Wales, UKMad Hatter 2.0, Kaideka, Deathbullet
24/08/2012BEERMAGEDDON @ The Black Horse, Derbyshire, UKBEERMAGEDDON Festival
25/08/2012Odins Rock Club, Ebbw Vale, Wales, UKBonfire, Line of Fire, Stormbringer, Ninth Gate, Tone Damage
26/08/2012Uplands Festival, Swansea, Wales, UKLifer, Black Tamanous, FDX
22/09/2012EVI, Ebbw Vale, Wales UKThe Guns, Lifer, Sick Livers, Blackbyrd, Black Light Machine, Deathbullet
06/10/2012University of GlamorganBlackbyrd, Ravenface, DARKSITE, Triaxis
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